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Hi. I’m Laura. I started this blog for you. It was inspired by the most horrific day of my life, the day my son almost died from drowning. The good news is, he is a healthy boy today but the lessons of that experience left a nasty scar that only heals with time and action. To take action, I started a CPR and drowning awareness foundation called CPR Party (more on that later) and I started this blog because I just don’t want you to experience anything like we did.

Quick. Resourceful. Stylish. Inspirational.

Think of this blog as “4 Hour Work Week” meets “MacGyver” meets “Town & Country” meets “Chicken Soup for the Soul”.  I give you quick, easy and ingenious tips to keep you and your family safe and stylish in a multitude of ways.  I also recommend products, people and companies that I feel are safe and stylish so you don’t have to do any research!  Soon, I’ll have guest posts from people who are exerts in their respective fields to give you even deeper insight. So, look no further for all things safety and style cause I got you.

Safety & Style by Laura Metro

” My goal with this blog is to make sure that your family never experiences what we did. This is my contribution back to the universe for letting me keep my child. “

Have you ever wanted to implement a safety tool or element into your home, life or office but it was such an eyesore that you decided against it?  It’s OK, I get it.  Have you tried to “do the right thing” and research safer products but simply didn’t have the time to continue this exhaustive search? I know, it’s annoying. This is where I come in. I have done all the research for you. This blog will give you all of the options for safety and style in a quick and easy format for you to easily absorb and implement into your already content filled busy life. So, relax cause I got you.

After the shock of my son’s near death drowning, I quickly realized it could have been prevented if I had known to ask one simple question, “what type of swim lessons should I have my son take?” Instead, I blindly enrolled him in a local, accredited program that, little did I know, wasn’t actually teaching him any skills to keep him safe in the event that he inadvertently found himself in water.

This may seem obvious to you but there are other aspects of our lives that you may not be as diligent about. It happens. We’re all human and we can’t be experts on everything. This began my unexpected journey to writing this blog.

Through various experiences over the years, whether it be caring for an aging parent, working with schools to help my kids, raising a tween in today’s culture of narcissism and social media, I realized that I didn’t need to know anything really, what I needed to do was find the right people and ask the right questions. But who has the time for all that?

In the next year, I will continue to populate this blog with more and more content so your family can be safe and stylish.  My goal is to make sure that your family never experiences what we did due to something that could have been prevented. I’m going to arm you with as many tips and tricks I can for any given situation.  This is my contribution back to the universe for letting me keep my child. I hope you’ll contribute and give me topic suggestions. All you need to do is follow my social media channels and talk to me, I’m listening.